we hire people who are truly unique


Infoplus wants to hire people who are truly unique
. People who believe that a company can actually be magical -- built with the best people possible – passionate about what we do and how we do it – working together to create remarkably different software.

Are you a unique talent?
  • You provoke others, inspire with a power to advance the extraordinary.
  • You are a rare combination of ability, creativity and voracity.
  • You crave contribution. From nothing, make something.
  • You take pride in authorship. Think it – construct it – own it.
  • You excel at what you do. Never tolerate mediocrity. You are fantastic.
  • You celebrate what we do. Dream about what we do. Are defined by what we do. And you love what you do.
  • You have the audacity to believe in a different way. You don’t follow. You have an atypical vision. You fight for a unique path.
  • You truly believe that a company can exist for a larger reason..

If this describes you, we are most definitely interested.
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