infoplus loves Developers

Infoplus loves developers

and we want developers to love the Infoplus API

Infoplus exposes the full breadth and depth of its platform to all clients through an easy to use, modern, JSON + REST API.

As part of its core philosophy Infoplus believes that users should have full access to their data. And with the Infoplus API, it couldn’t be more true.

Keep exploring to find out how Infoplus puts the power of this platform in your hands.

get started

1. Have an Infoplus account

(Don't have one?)Use Our Demo AccountorRequest Your Own


2. Create an API Key in the User Table in Infoplus.

3. Paste the code below in to a teminal, filling in your API Key and domain.

curl -s -H API-Key:${API_KEY} https://${DOMAIN}/infoplus-wms/api/v1.0/item/search

api reference

Use the API directly with JSON + REST, or use one of the pre-built Client Libraries. The API Reference guide provides you with the full depth of resource-by-resource and field-by-field details needed to customize your solution.
API Reference

client libraries

To integrate the Infoplus API with your application using pre-built libraries, start by selecting your language of choice, available at the Infoplus Github Page.

choose a language

Don't see the language you're looking for?
API Client Library
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Infoplus Testimonial

It works! This rocks!

--Dane Westivik, Clearbags

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