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Shipping and Orders Advanced WMS Returns Processing and Receiving Go full-circle with ease from customer notification, to RMA, to receipt, to reship.
Shipping and Orders Branded Customer Portals Infoplus Total Returns doesn’t just make the process easy for your business, it makes it effortless for your customers too.
Shipping and Orders Manage Returns to Improve Performance Keep costs down and make the most of dedicated labor by connecting the dots to improve efficiency and accuracy.
Shipping and Orders Sync Returns Management With Operations Create flow from return requests, to label printing, to shipping replacements.
Shipping and Orders Create Repeatable Processes Unfortunately, returns can’t be avoided, so handle them effectively not just once, but every single time.

Returns are an inevitable pain point, but they don’t have to ruin your day.

Infoplus Total Returns allows you to glide through the returns process while keeping customers happy. It allows you to automate and control all of the intricacies, showing you ways to improve performance and save money.

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Download the full-length case study where you will find:

  • The 7 challenges created by seasonal demand swings
  • The additional challenge of special inventory
  • The specific Infoplus features that helped Allen Brothers meet these challenges
  • The benefits of real time data and strict lot control
  • How Infoplus helped manage labor, packing materials, and shipping options to maximize efficiency

Download the Case Study
Less Than 30% of U.S. warehouses and logistics centers are operating efficiently
Almost 40% are depending on basic or legacy warehouse management systems
Infoplus has help changed the way we do business, for the better. Infoplus has afforded me the following benefits: Ability to see and analyze the entire operation process in real-time. Ability to provide customers with high-end and reliable customer portal experience. Ability to seamlessly integrate with prospects that show interest in our company (A huge selling point).
- Frank P. VP, East Coast Warehouse & Fulfillment
Jackson Frazier
1 Year at Infoplus

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