Backorders in Infoplus

Learn about how backorders work in Infoplus and how to set them up to work for your business needs.

There are a few different ways to address backordering in Infoplus. In this article, we are going to outline those options and how each option impacts your business operations. 

Here are some key takeaways: 

  • We recommend always having Backorders set to Yes for all Items
  • Allowing backorders emphasizes the customer experience by allowing your clients to order what they need at one time
  • However, allowing backorders also can increase the cost of shipping because you may need to ship in multiple packages

Option 1: Use the Order Property Override Table 

There is a setting called ‘Ship Complete’ in Infoplus that dictates whether or not an order can be partially shipped (eg: one or more of the items put on backorder). This setting can be managed by Line of Business or by Order Source via the Order Property Override table. Here is how to set that up: (Fulfillment > Ship Complete Failures > Remain On Order). 

  • Step 1: Navigate to the Order Property Override table
  • Step 2: Click Create New
  • Step 3. Select “Fulfillment > Ship Complete Failures > Remain On Order”

  • Step 4: Then, on the left, you can choose to only impact one specific Line of Business and one specific Order Source.
    • You do not have to select a LOB or Order Source, but if you do not this filter will apply to all orders. You cannot select an Order Source without first selecting a LOB
  • Step 5: Select True or False for Override Value
      • If set to True, when there is an order where all items are not available, the order will remain in the "On Order" status. The order cannot be fulfilled until all items are ready. 
      • If set to False, orders that do not have all items currently available will fulfill the items that are available and move the unavailable items to the "Backorder" status if the item backorder setting is set to Yes.
  • Note: This property will only be respected at the account-level. If you create an Override for an LOB or Order Source, it will be ignored.
  • Note: If Backorder is set to “No” on the item level, setting this to False will not work and no backorders will be made. 
  • Step 6: Click Save and test

Note: By default, there will be a new backorder for each line item within an order that was unavailable at the time the order was placed. 

Option 2: Set ‘Ship Complete’ on the Order Level or ‘Backorder’ on the Item Level

On the Order table, there is a setting called Ship Complete in the Handling section

You can set Ship Complete to True or False. 

  • Ship Complete = True means the order should ship only when all items are available.
  • Ship Complete = False means the order should ship what is available and place the other items on backorder.
    • Note: When you use this approach for backorders, it is only for the specific order you are creating or editing

On the Item table, there is a setting under the Purchasing tab called “Backorder”

You can select Yes or No, but we highly recommend all Infoplus users set this field to Yes. 

This field tells the system if the item should be allowed to be placed on backorder when there is insufficient inventory.

The Backorder field works in tandem with the Ship Complete field on the Order table. If orders are set to Ship Complete=False, then the system will evaluate each item to make sure it's also eligible to be put on the backorder. 

Example: An order comes in for two items, one of which is in stock and one is out of stock.

    • If the order is set to Ship Complete=False, and the item has a Backorder=Yes, Infoplus will allow the item that is in stock to be shipped right away and then it will create a backorder for the other item
    • If the order is set to Ship Complete=False, and the item has a Backorder=No, Infoplus will allow the item that is in stock to be shipped right away; HOWEVER, the out of stock item will be completely removed from the order. 
  • When Backorder=No and Ship Complete=False, Infoplus will remove the unavailable item from the order entirely. 


Pro Tip: The only way to get a “backorder” status in Infoplus is for an order to go through fulfillment and reach the backorder status. This is only possible if Ship Complete is set to False.

Option 3: Use a script and a trigger to mark orders/items with certain traits as Ship Complete True or False

The last option is a fully customizable way to ensure backorders are created in Infoplus. If you are looking for more ways to customize when an item or an order is or is not placed on backorder, you can create a script. 

Through the API -- if you drop in orders through the API, you can use this field to set Ship Complete to True or False. 

Here is an example of the lines of code you will need to add to set Ship Complete to True or False: 

// update this order marking as ship-complete (via holdCode=Y)

order.holdCode = "Y";

utils.log("Marking order as Ship Complete / Hold Code = Y");

infoplusApi.update("order", order);

You can find more information about setting Ship Complete to True or False via a script in this article. 

Backorder FAQs

What Happens When a Backorder is Created?

If Ship Complete is set to False and the items are Backorder enabled, Infoplus will create a new line item for each item in an order that is put on backorder. This can add up to a lot of new line items if you happen to have large orders or a high quantity of unavailable items. 

You can use a script (example here) that will consolidate all the backordered items from a single order into a new single order. The benefit of using this script is that it waits until all items on backorder (for a single order) are available and then ships them together, saving on shipping costs. 

Infoplus splits the backordered items into individual orders so the system will automatically release the backorder to an ‘On Order’ status once the line item has been received in and available in the system. 

If you do use the script to consolidate, you will have to manually release the backorder items so they go into the ‘On Order’ status (via the action menu).

Backorder Consoludation Script Example

How Can I Tell if an Order is on Backorder in the System?

Use the Fulfillability Status as a filter on the order table

  • Fulfillable = entire order is ready
  • Not Fulfillable = order is not ready to ship (maybe because it is on backorder and your system does not allow backorders or because of an unrelated reason)
  • Partially Fulfillable  = Part of your order is ready to ship, but other parts of it are not (likely caused by a backorder)

You can also filter by the status of backorder on the Order table to see if any orders are currently in that status.