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    FAQ Table of Contents: 

    How do I prevent inventory from allocating?

    You can freeze inventory. See how to freeze inventory here.

    Can I have duplicate SKUs?

    Yes. Through the order property override table, it is possible.

    Are dimensions needed to create an item?

    No, but it is recommended. They are necessary if you want to utilize cartonization. 

    Do kits have inventory?

    The kit header SKU does not have inventory but the components do have inventory.

    Can I transfer my inventory from one location to another?

    Yes! There are two ways to do this:

    1. Use the Mobile App > Inventory Relocation

    2. Transform Inventory by using the Location Table in the Desktop Apps

    What is the difference between these Inventory terms?

    • On Hand Quantity - Quantity of a SKU you have available
    • Open Order Quantity - Quantity of a SKU that has open orders in inventory
    • Orderable Quantity - Remaining available quantity of SKUs that can be ordered
    • Overall Days On Hand - Number of days that the current inventory has been in the warehouse
    • Open PO Quantity - Quantity of SKUs that is set to be delivered/received into the warehouse
    • Total Demand - 

    Can I change my adjustment codes?

    Yes, you can change, delete or add adjustment codes by using the Adjustment Code Table. Use this step-by-step guide to learn more about how to create and edit adjustment codes. 

    Why is one of my SKU’s disappearing from a bulk load quick adjustment?

    This is most likely because the SKU is under more than one LOB and Infoplus doesn’t know which one you want adjusted. Manually adjust this SKU if that’s the case.

    I’ve created my items; why don’t I have any in my warehouses?

    This is because you haven’t received any inventory into the system. Until you receive an ASN, execute a Quick Receipt, or blind receive in the mobile floor app, you won’t have any inventory in your system.

    Error Message Table of Contents: 

    Error: Season must be given for an item

    What it Means: You are bulk editing too many items at once

    How to Fix It: Edit less than 500 records at a time to avoid this error 

    Error: The inventory cannot be stored in location 1000-1-A, because item receipt 2546 in this location has a different status (Available)

    What it Means: User is trying to move inventory from an item receipt that hasn't been finished receiving

    How to Fix It: Make sure to receive all the items before attempting to move an item

    Error: This Order contains an item missing the required customs value

    What it Means: The SKUs on the order are missing price values

    How to Fix It: To fix this error, go to the order in question and edit the order prices action to give it a value. Check out this article on Price Management for more information. 

    Error: A Major group must be given for an item

    What it Means: Item subcategory or category is needed

    How to Fix It: Add one of the following to  the item when bulk editing

    Error: There was a problem saving this Item. The Forward Lot Mixing Rules for this Item cannot be changed to Item Receipt, because there may already be mixed Lots inventory

    What it Means: Once the item is received and the mixing rules are setup, it cannot be changed

    How to Fix It: If they need to be changed creating a duplicate item and setting up different rules is a possibility

    Error: There was a problem saving this Item. The combination of Mixing and Allocation Rules is not compatible. To continue, choose acceptable Mixing and Allocation Rules

    What it Means: Allocation Rules (which control how inventory can be allocated when fulfilling orders) impact which Lot Mixing Rules you should select. For example, if you want to require that items be allocated from the oldest PO lot, you must be storing those items with a Lot Mixing Rule of Item Receipt. See Overview of Allocation Rules for a complete list of allowable Allocation Rule/Lot Mixing Rule combinations

    How to Fix It: If you have Order Data selected as your Allocation Field in your Operations tab on an Item, you will need the Lot Mixing Rules for Forward and Storage to be 'Item Receipt' so that it can recognize each SKU by the time it was received

    • Any time you select Item Receipt as a Lot Mixing Rule, you will need your allocation to be something by Date