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Overview of Auto Print and Scale Usage in Infoplus

There are multiple steps you will need to take to set up and configure your printers and scales to connect to Infoplus.

Within Infoplus, you can automatically print parcel labels to your local printers, and automatically read and input the value displayed on a scale when shipping packages.

These features require installation of Infoplus LocalConnect and having LocalConnect running in the background on your shipping computer. Infoplus LocalConnect is an Infoplus Plug-In that lets Infoplus detect and use installed printers and scales.

Setting Up Auto Print and Scale Usage in Infoplus is a Three-Step Process:

  1. Install and Sign In to Infoplus LocalConnect. You will need to do this on each computer with local printer(s) and scale(s) that are used for shipping. 
  2. Connect Printer(s) and/or Scale(s) to Infoplus.
  3. Turn On Auto Print and/or Scale Settings in your Infoplus User Profile. You will need to do this on each computer you want to use because the settings are saved locally to your workstation and not your Infoplus account.

Overview of Auto Print and Scale Usage

With AutoPrint, automatically print labels in Infoplus. For example, automatically print 4 x 8 parcel labels from the Shipping Station Mobile Floor App. You can print the following paper types:
  • 8.5 x 11 paper stock
  • 4 x 6 label
  • 4 x 8 label

With Infoplus Scale integration, automatically capture the scale's reading directly into an Infoplus field when shipping. 

See All Supported Devices for a list of supported printers and scales.