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Product Development Backlog Process

Learn how to submit new feature requests for updates and enhancements to the Infoplus application.

This documentation serves to explain our product backlog process here at Infoplus.

We know that users do not enjoy hearing the words 'your issue has been placed in our product development backlog'. With that said, we hope that the following information will explain our rationale behind our procedures, and illuminate how issues/concerns are prioritized internally at Infoplus.

  1. Customers can communicate to us that there is a request that they would like. We discuss it internally and come to a consensus about its impact on the software, and if it can be immediately remedied or requires more development time to complete or fix.
  2. We communicate to the customer that their request has been placed in our product backlog and will continue communication directly with customers if/when their requests are moved to a development sprint. Meanwhile, you can keep tabs on your request (and comment on other users' requests in the Product Roadmap). 

  3. After we implement a request from the backlog, we will notify all stakeholders via email and provide any other additional information that pertains to it.

What Happens After I Make a Feature/Bug Fix Request?

After customers are notified that their request is on the product backlog, you can check the product roadmap to keep tabs on your requests' progress. Additionally, you can comment on your request and other Infoplus users' requests as well. 

Please Note: Not every submission to the product board, even if it's approved for future development, goes on the product roadmap.

The product roadmap is a snapshot of some of the things we are working on and have under consideration, not an exhaustive list of all things the development team is working on or a guarantee that the items will be worked in any order.