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Infoplus exposes the full breadth and depth of its platform to all clients through an easy  and modern, JSON + REST API.  Our core philosophy is that users should have full and clear access to their data and have the ability to take action on it. 

Get Started

1 - Have an Infoplus account (Don't have one?) Use Our Demo Account or Request Your Own

2 - Create an API Key in the User Table in Infoplus.

3 - Paste the code below into a terminal, filling in your API Key and domain.


  curl -s -H API-Key:${API_KEY} https://${DOMAIN}/infoplus-wms/api/v2.0/item/search  

API ReferenceInfoplus API Page

Use the API directly with JSON + REST, or use one of the pre-built Client Libraries. The API Reference guide provides you with the full depth of resource-by-resource and field-by-field details needed to customize your solution.

API Reference

Infoplus Libaries

Client Libraries

To integrate the Infoplus API with your application using pre-built libraries, start by selecting your language of choice, available at the Infoplus Github Page.

Choose your Language

Java | Python | PHP | C# | NodeJS

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Infoplus Building BlocksInfoplus User Scripts

Building Blocks and Custom Scripts

The ability to make Infoplus work for you and your environment doesn't stop with external API access.   Learn how you can use the Infoplus Building Blocks and User Scripts to also customize workflows, reports, data, and actions within Infoplus as well. 

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