855 - Purchase Order Acknowledgement

This is a list of the segments and elements needed for EDI mapping for Purchase Order Acknowledgement (855).

Infoplus Baseline Mapping - Outbound 855 - PO Acknowledgement 

Segment Element Purpose Comments
BAK 02 Acknowledgment Type AK = Acknowledge - No Detail or Change
RJ = Rejected - No Detail
BAK 03 PO Number  
BAK 08 Reference Identification Infoplus Order number
REF 02 Reference Identification Qualifier LOB = Line of Business - qualifies client for transaction
REF 03 Reference Identification LOB for order
PO1 02 Quantity Ordered  
PO1 06 Product ID Qualifier SK = SKU - Infoplus SKU
PO1 07 Product ID SKU for line item
ACK 01 Line Item Status AC = Item Accepted
ACK 02 Quantity  
CTT 01 Number of Line Items  
CTT 02 Sum of Quantity Ordered  

Note: Any standard segments or elements not listed here can be considered optional. They will be ignored by the core Infoplus EDI mapping but may be accessed by user scripts for customized mapping.