855 - Purchase Order Acknowledgement

EDI mapping for Purchase Order Acknowledgement(855).

Infoplus Baseline Mapping - Outbound 855 - PO Acknowledgement 

Segment Element Purpose Comments
BAK 02 Acknowledgment Type AK = Acknowledge - No Detail or Change
RJ = Rejected - No Detail
BAK 03 PO Number  
BAK 08 Reference Identification Infoplus Order number
REF 02 Reference Identification Qualifier LOB = Line of Business - qualifies client for transaction
REF 03 Reference Identification LOB for order
PO1 02 Quantity Ordered  
PO1 06 Product ID Qualifier SK = SKU - Infoplus SKU
PO1 07 Product ID SKU for line item
ACK 01 Line Item Status AC = Item Accepted
ACK 02 Quantity  
CTT 01 Number of Line Items  
CTT 02 Sum of Quantity Ordered  

Note: Any standard segments or elements not listed here can be considered optional. They will be ignored by the core Infoplus EDI mapping, but may be accessed by user-scripts for customized mapping.