856 - Advance Shipment Notification

Infoplus Baseline Mapping for EDI Outbound 856 - Advanced Shipping Notice calls.

Infoplus Baseline Mapping - Outbound 856 - Advance Shipment Notification

HL Loop Segment Element Purpose Comments
N/A BSN 02 Shipment Identifier  
N/A BSN 03 Date of shipment (YYYYMMDD)
N/A BSN 04 Time of shipment (HMMSS)
S TD1 01 Packaging Code CTN = Carton
PLT = Pallet
S TD1 02 Lading Quantity Number of Cartons or Pallets
S TD1 06 Weight Qualifier N = Net Weight
S TD1 07 Weight  
S TD1 08 Unit LB = Pounds
S TD5 02 Identification Code Qualifier 2 = SCAC
ZZ = non-standard carrier
S TD5 03 Identification Code SCAC code when TD502 = 2
Free-form carrier description when TD502 = ZZ
S REF 01 Identification Code Qualifier LOB = Line of Business Identifier
BM = Bill of Lading Number
S REF 02 Identification Code See REF01
S N1 01 Identification Code Qualifier SF = Ship From
ST = Ship To
S N1 02 Name  
S N4 01 City  
S N4 02 State  
S N4 03 Zip  
S N4 03 Country  
O PRF 01 Purchase Order Number  
P REF 01 Identification Code Qualifier CN = Carton or Pallet Tracking Number
GM = SSCC-18 number
P REF 02 Identification Code See REF01
I LIN 01 Product ID Qualifier SK = SKU - Infoplus SKU
HL***I loop only used when Cartonization-level data is known within Infoplus
I LIN 02 Product ID SKU for line item
I SN1 02 Quantity Shipped  
I SN1 03 Unit of Measure EA = Each
I PID 01 Description Qualifier F = Freeform Text
I PID 05 Description Item Description

Troubleshooting Tip:

In the BSN line, the 1004 value in 856 is a control number/identifier that can be ignored by default. We recommend that if your AS2 partner is stating this is an unexpected value, remove it with an 856 script.