888 - Item Maintenance

Infoplus Baseline Mapping for EDI Outbound 888 - Item Maintenance calls.

Infoplus Baseline Mapping - Outbound 888 - Item Maintenance

Segment Element Purpose Comments
N1 03 Product ID Qualifier SK = SKU - Infoplus SKU
BP = Buyer Part Number
N1 04 Product ID  
G55 05 Height  
G55 06 Unit of Measure IN = Inch
G55 07 Width  
G55 08 Unit of Measure IN = Inch
G55 09 Lenght  
G55 10 Unit of Measure IN = Inch
G55 23 Weight  
G55 26 Unit of Measure LB - Pound
G55 31 Item Description  

Note: Any standard segments or elements not listed here can be considered optional. They will be ignored by the core Infoplus EDI mapping, but may be accessed by user-scripts for customized mapping