945 - Warehouse Shipping Advice

EDI Mapping for Shipping Advice to help ensure the correct codes are mapped correctly.

Infoplus Baseline Mapping - Outbound 945 - Warehouse Shipping Advice

Segment Element Purpose Comments
W06 02 Shipment Identifier  
W06 03 Date of shipment YYYYMMDD
W06 06 Customer’s PO number  
N1 01 Identification Code Qualifier SF = Ship From
N1 02 Name  
N3 01 Address  
N3 02 Address Line 2  
N4 01 City  
N4 02 State  
N4 03 Zip  
N4 03 Country  
N9 01 Reference Identification
LOB = Line of Business Identifier
BM = Bill of Lading Number
N9 02 Identification Code See N901
W27 02 Standard Carrier Alpha Code  
W28 01 Packaging Code CTN = Carton
PLT = Pallet
W28 02 Weight  
W28 06 Weight Qualifier N = Net Weight
W28 08 Weight Unit Code LB = Pounds
MAN 01 Identification Code Qualifier 2 = SCAC
ZZ = non-standard carrier
MAN 02 Identification Code SCAC code when MAN01 = 2
Free-form carrier description when MAN01 = ZZ
MAN 04 Identification Code Qualifier CN = Carton or Pallet Tracking Number
GM = SSCC-18 number
MAN 05 Identification Code See MAN04
W12 01 Ship Status Code ‘CC’ = Complete
‘CP’ = Partial Ship
W12 02 Quantity Ordered  
W12 03 Quantity Shipped  
W12 05 Unit of Measure EA = Each
W12 06 UPC Code  
W12 07 Product ID Qualifier SK = SKU - Infoplus SKU
HL***I loop only used when Cartonization-level data is known within Infoplus
W12 08 Product ID SKU for line item
G69 01 Product Description  
W03 01 Total Number of Units Shipped  
W03 02 Total Weight  
W03 03 Weight Unit Code LB = Pounds

Note: Any standard segments or elements not listed here can be considered optional. They will be ignored by the core Infoplus EDI mapping, but may be accessed by user-scripts for customized mapping

Note: In order for the W12 segments to automatically generate, the Order must be cartonized.