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Add / Review Record Notes

Use the double arrow shortcut or click on the 'Actions' menu to add notes to any record in Infoplus.

Add / Review Record Notes

You can review and add notes to a record. For example, create a note to recap a phone conversation with the customer regarding a specific order.

  1. Access the table containing the record you want to review or add a note to.
  2. Locate the record you want to review or add a note to and select the Notes action. There are two methods:
    Rest your mouse on the record and click the double arrows icon () that displays at the end of the record and select Notes;

    Or, click on the record to open it and then click the Actions drop-down menu and select Notes.
  3. Existing notes display. To create a new note, click the Create New Note button. 
  4. Type the note and click Create Note. The note has been added.
    NOTE:  You cannot delete notes. 
  5. When finished, click Close.