Automatically Opening XLSX files in Google Sheets

How to Automatically Open XLSX Files in Google Sheets

Reports produced by Infoplus may be downloaded as Microsoft Excel files, with the xlsx extension.  If you do not have software on your computer for viewing these files, one approach we recommend for viewing those files using Google Sheets.  

Even if you do have software that can open Excel files, Google Sheets has some unique advantages, most notably, access from anywhere (since the file is securely stored in the cloud), and great collaboration (i.e, Sharing) capabilities.  

Install the "Office Editing..." Chrome Plugin

A further enhancement to manually uploading xlsx files to Google Sheets is a Google Chrome plugin called Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides, which you can install into your browser from the Chrome web store.  With this plugin installed, if you open an xlsx file in Chrome, it will view the file in Google Sheets.  

You may notice that when you open a file this way, initially you're in "Compatibility mode", which looks a little different and has some fewer features than the full Google Sheets.  So, if you want to do more with your document, from the File menu, choose Save as Google Sheets, and the file will move into the full version of Google Sheets.  

Updating your Computer's Default Application

Once you've installed the "Office Editing..." Chrome plugin, you can then edit your computer's settings, to make Google Chrome the default application for opening xlsx files.  This means that any time you open an xlsx file, it will go straight into Chrome, and then to Google Sheets.  

You can use these resources to help you adjust the default applications for opening files on your computer, depending on your operating system: