Bulk Load ASNs

Bulk loading ASNs will assist in uploading multiple advanced shipping notices at once to streamline your receiving process.

How to Bulk Load ASNs

If you need to get multiple ASNs (Advanced Shipping Notifications) into Infoplus, put the data into an Excel or .csv file and then upload the file into Infoplus using the Bulk Load process.

The Bulk Load process will allow you to map your source file's fields to Infoplus fields with a variety of options.

Important Note: Only bulk load in batches of 5,000 or less except for Orders. You can only bulk upload 1,000 Orders at one time. 

  • Best practice is to perform large bulk edits and/or loads outside of peak business hours

For several fields, you can select to Default the field's value as follows:

  • Default Value: Type or select the Default value to use for every record (e.g. select the same Warehouse to use for each uploaded ASN).
  • Value from Item: Pull the value for each record from it's matching Item record (e.g., When selecting the value for the Wrap Code in uploaded ASNs, use the Wrap Code from the matching SKU's Item record in Infoplus).
  • Value from last Receipt of this item: Pull the value for each record from the last Receipt of the matching item (e.g., When selecting the value for the Wrap Code in uploaded ASNs, use the Wrap Code from the last Receipt of the matching SKU). 
  • Use account default: This option is only available for "Max Overs" and "Max Unders" fields. Selecting this option pulls the value from your account setup, which defaults to 10% overs/unders. To change this value, contact Infoplus Support.

Required Fields

Below is a list of the required fields for uploading ASNs into Infoplus. 

NOTE: Your source file does not have to include all of this information. If, for a field, all records you are uploading will have the same value, you can select a Default Value (e.g. if the Unit Code for every SKU in the ASN is "Each", your source file doesn't have to, but is also okay if it does, contain this column because you can select the Default Value of "Each" during the bulk load).   

  • PO No
  • Vendor
  • Warehouse
  • Order Date
  • Type
  • SKU
  • Order Quantity
  • Due Date
  • Unit Code
  • Wrap Code
  • Units Per Wrap
  • Charge Freight
  • Dist. Date
  • Freeze Action
  • Max Overs
  • Max Unders
  • SFP Quantity

Sample Source File

For reference, a sample source file for bulk loading ASNs is attached at the bottom. 

For information on creating the bulk load source file, see Create a Bulk Load Source File. 

Step-by-Step Instructions

Click here for step-by-step instructions on Bulk Loading in Infoplus. 

NOTE: These steps provide universal instructions for bulk loading data into any Table in Infoplus; however, all bulk loads work the same. The available fields are just different based on the type of record being uploaded.