How to Bulk Load Items

If you need to get multiple Items into Infoplus, put the data into an Excel or .csv file and then upload the file into Infoplus using the Bulk Load process.

The Bulk Load process will allow you to map your source file's fields to Infoplus fields with a variety of options.

Important Note: Only bulk load in batches of 5,000 or less except for Orders. You can only bulk upload 1,000 Orders at one time. 

  • Best practice is to perform large bulk edits and/or loads outside of peak business hours

Required Fields

Below is a list of the required fields for uploading Items into Infoplus. 

NOTE: Your source file does not have to include all of this information, but at a minimum, you need to include the SKU and Item Description.

If all the records you are uploading will have the same value in a field, you can select a Default Value

  • Example: If the Unit Code for every SKU is "Each" your source file does not need to contain this column because you can select the Default Value of "Each" during the bulk load
  • Item Category
  • Sub Item Category
  • SKU
  • Item Description
  • Backorder
  • Charge Code
  • Critical Amount
  • Max Cycle
  • Max Interim
  • Status
  • Seasonal Item
  • Secure
  • Serial Code
  • Unit Code
  • Units per Wrap
  • Wrap Code
  • Forward Lot Mixing Rule
  • Storage Lot Mixing Rule
  • Allocation Rule


Sample Source File

For reference, a sample source file containing all required columns for bulk loading Items is attached at the bottom. 

For information on creating the bulk load source file, see Create a Bulk Load Source File. 

Step-by-Step Instructions

Click here for step-by-step instructions on Bulk Loading Records.

NOTE: These steps provide universal instructions for bulk loading data into any Table in Infoplus; however, all bulk loads work the same. The available fields are just different based on the type of record being uploaded.

SKU Format Requirements

You may use up to 20 characters. These may include:

- Capital letters: A–Z (Infoplus will automatically change lowercase letters to capital letters)

- Numbers: 0–9

- Special characters: # _ - / . ( )

- Spaces (do not use groups of two or more spaces together)

Examples of allowed SKUs:




Examples of disallowed SKUs:

  PQR-16^2     uses the special character ^

  CORNER BLOCK (MEDIUM)     uses more than 20 characters

  361_74#  JK/L     uses two spaces in a row

Example Bulk Load File