Call Center: Create a New Order

Creating an order to fulfill and process the order for shipment. (For us for only Legacy clients)

Call Center: Create a New Order

  1. Access the “OMS Order” table. See Access the "OMS Order" Table for help.
    NOTE: You can also create an order from the customer record. Within the customer record, select the Next Steps button, and click Create Order.

  2. Click the Create New button in the top right. The "Creating New OMS Order" screen appears.
    - During order creation, when you see fields requesting a True or False selection, leaving the field blank is the same as selecting “False”.  Selecting “True” means you want to apply the field’s selection (i.e., select “True” in the “Email Recipient” field to indicate you want the receipt emailed to the customer).
    - If you want to delete a field selection, click the X that appears next to the selection. 

  3. In the Customers section, search for, or create the Customer who the order is for by clicking the Search or New links. Customer information will appear.
    - If you want to edit the Customer information or Ship To Address, click the gear icon next to each section.

  4. In the Catalog section, enter a Key Code (i.e., code on back of catalog). If you entered a valid key code, a Key Code description will display.  This is a required field.
    NOTE: To see all available key codes, see the “Key Code” table from within the “Call Center” app.

  5. In the Line Items section, add Items to the order by clicking the Add link. Select the Item Record and click OK. 
    - Make any changes to the line item (i.e., modify the quantity, add a discount type).
    - Continue to add items as needed.

  6. In the Free Cooking Guide field (if available), select True if the customer is to receive a free cooking guide. If the customer is not to receive the guide, leave the field blank or select False.

  7. In the Shipping section, click on the date in which the order should be delivered. The Shipping Cost will be calculated based on your selection and will appear in the Shipping & Handling field.
    - If you need to override the shipping cost, enter an amount into the S&H Override Amount field.
    - If the customer will pick up the order, select True in the Customer Pickup field. If not, leave the field blank or select False.
    - If a signature is required for delivery, select True in the Signature Required field.
    - If you need to provide special instructions to the carrier (i.e., UPS), enter the instructions into the Carrier Instructions field.

  8. Select the Media Code indicating how the order was placed. This is a required field.

  9. Select a reason for the order from the Reason for Order drop-down menu (i.e., Customer Support). This is a required field.

  10. Specify whether the receipt should be emailed or mailed to the recipient. You must set one of these fields to true.
    - If you want to email the receipt to the recipient, select True in the Email Recipient field. Upon order completion an email will go to the customer’s email in the customer record.
    - If you want to mail the receipt to the recipient, select True in the Mail Recipient field. An invoice will be mailed to the customer’s mailing address in the customer record.

  11. If necessary, enter a Gift Message. NOTE: You cannot add special formatting to the gift message (i.e., italics, bold).

  12. If you need to provide special instructions to the warehouse, enter the instructions into the Warehouse Instructions field (i.e., Needs extra dry ice.)

  13. If you are ready to checkout, click Checkout.
    If you’re not ready to check out but you want to save the order, click Pause Order. The order will display a status of “Entry Paused.” You can return to the order at any time by clicking on it in the “OMS Order” table.