Call Center: Create Order Receipts

Learn how to create order receipts in the Infoplus call center from the OMS order table.

Call Center: Create Order Receipts

Creating receipts is a process in Infoplus. You can begin the process from the “Call Center” app or from within the “OMS Order” table.

  1. From the “Call Center” app, click the “Create Customer Order Receipts” process; OR
    From the “OMS Order” table, click the Actions button and select the “Create Customer Order Receipts” process.

  2. Select the Start and End dates containing the Orders you want to create receipts for.

  3. Click Next. The screen will indicate how many orders were found in your selected date range.

  4. Click Next again.

  5. Click the Download Report button to download a PDF file. Each page in the file will represent one order’s receipt. Save and/or print the report as needed.
    NOTE: The report is also available via a link that can be shared for 30 days. Copy and paste the link as needed.

  6. Click Done.