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Create / Print Packing Slips

Easily use a packing slip report to download and print multiple orders' packing slips at one time.

To create/print Packing Slips, either:

  • Use the Packing Slips report (which will create the packing slip using each selected order's assigned Packing Slip Template), or
  • Use the Ad Hoc Packing Slips report (which will assign a Packing Slip Template to selected orders during report creation). 

Once you create a Packing Slip for an order, the Packing Slip will display in the "Warehouse Documents" section of the Order record.

How to Create / Print Packing Slips

Using each selected Order's assigned Packing Slip Template, run the Packing Slips Report. Use this report if you want to create Packing Slips for Orders that already have a Packing Slip Template assigned.

    1. Access the Order table.
    2. Click on the checkbox next to each Order for which you want to print Packing Slips. 

      To select all orders displayed, click the checkbox in the top left. Only orders on the current page will display. If there are orders beyond the current page that you want to select, click the "Select all..." link that appears in the blue area above the records.
    3. Click the Actions button and select Packing Slips
    4. Review the Results column for each Order which will indicate if a Packing Slip will be created for the order.
    5. Click Submit to create the Packing Slips.
    6. Click Download Report to download the Packing Slips. One PDF file will be created with all of the selected orders' Packing Slips. In addition, the Packing Slip for each Order will be saved in the "Warehouse Documents" section of that Order's record. 

NOTE: After running this report, the Order record will still reflect the originally assigned Packing Slip Template (if one was assigned). This Report only temporarily overwrites the template.