EDI Document Type Overview

See a full list of all the EDI document types Infoplus natively supports. You can also build custom EDI documents.

Below is an overview of all the EDI Documents natively supported by Infoplus.  This overview includes the document type, the direction of the transaction in the context of Infoplus, the purpose of the transaction, and what kind of impact each one has in Infoplus.

To view the default mapping for any of these document types, please click the link in the Document # column. 

Note that you can build custom support for virtually any EDI document in Infoplus.  See Supporting Additional EDI Document Types for details.


EDI Documents Natively Supported by Infoplus
Document # Name Direction Purpose Event Infoplus Impact Other Notes
810 Invoice Outbound The invoice for an order Sent after an order (from 850) is shipped    
850 Purchase Order Inbound Place a new order   Creates an Order  
855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement Outbound Acknowledge an 850 was received Sent after inbound 850 is received    
856 Advance Shipment Notice Outbound Inform client order has been shipped Sent after order (from 850) is  shipped    
860 Purchase Order Change Request Inbound Change an order   Update an Order
  • Add items
  • Change items
  • Change quantity
865 Purchase Order Change Acknowledgement Outbound Accept or reject the change of order (860) Response to 860  
  • AI = Add Additional Item
  • PC = Price Change
  • PQ = Quantity Change
888 Item Maintenance Inbound Update details about an item   Updates an item The following item fields can be changed:
  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Item Description
940 Warehouse Shipping Order Inbound Place a new order   Creates an order Similar to an 850
943 Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice Inbound Create an ASN   Creates an ASN  
944 Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt Advice Outbound Inform client an ASN has been fully received. Sent after ASN (from 943) has been fully received.    
945 Warehouse Shipping Advice Outbound Inform client order has been shipped Sent after order (from 940) is shipped.   Similar to an 856
Unknown Any inbound unknown document Inbound Allows user to place a script for any unknown inbound document to allow processing     See Supporting Additional EDI Document Types for details.