Example DFD for BigCommerce, SAP, Infoplus Integration

View this visual representation of how orders from BigCommerce enter Infoplus via the SAP integration.

See Overview of Integrating your ERP with Infoplus for higher-level concepts and additional details for an integration of this nature.

For integrating Orders from BigCommerce, through SAP, and into Infoplus, a data flow diagram such as the following can be used:

To expand on some of the details of the steps outlined in the diagram:

1. An order is placed on your BigCommerce site

2. Your existing integration between BigCommerce and SAP gets the order into SAP.

3. The integration you build between SAP and Infoplus, using the Infoplus API, pushes the order to Infoplus.  

  • The "Customer Order No" field in Infoplus should reflect the SAP order number.  
    • If the Big Commerce order number is also needed in Infoplus, it can be put in a custom field on the order (e.g., "Big Commerce Order No")
  • Orders from Big Commerce should be tied to a "Big Commerce" Order Source within your Infoplus account, to distinguish them from other orders that came from other sources.
  • To have accurate Bill-To addresses on all orders, create individual Customers in Infoplus for each order, and assign those Customers to orders as you create them.
    • Note, a custom field in Infoplus (e.g., "SAP Customer No") can be added to all orders, if you need to track the SAP customer number for each order.  
  • If possible, it is recommended to store the Infoplus Order No (returned in the API call to create the order in Infoplus) associated with the order in SAP.  

4. Your order goes through Fulfillment and Shipping within Infoplus.

5. Your integration over the Infoplus API pulls the shipment data for the order back into SAP.

  • Assuming the Infoplus Order No. was stored in SAP in step 3, then this creates the tie-back between the systems.
    • If the Infoplus Order No. is not stored in SAP, then orders can be matched up using the Customer Order No field in Infoplus. 

6.  Your integration between SAP and BigCommerce updates the order with shipment data in BigCommerce.