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FedEx Cross Border - Carrier Setup

Work with FedEx Cross Border Carrier in Infoplus by using a manifest script to pass required data.

FedEx Cross Border, a carrier that specializes in international shipping, is available to all Infoplus users. To start using FedEx Cross Border, you will need to request access by submitting a support ticket

When looking at the Cross Border shipping options, you will see the following:

1. Economy International CBEC Economy is a 4-5 day ship.

2. Economy International CBECL is First Class Economy of 2-3 day ship

3. Economy International CBECP is Priority Economy of 1-2 day ship

When using FedEx Cross Border in tandem with Infoplus, there are some unique variables to be aware of, including: 

  • Return Labels are unavailable when using FedEx Cross Border
    • This is because cartonization is required for return labels, and cartonization is not available for international orders 
    • If you did use FedEx Cross Border for domestic, and used cartonization, return labels would work (but Cross Border is primarily used for international shipping solutions). 
  • Infoplus makes the Name Field optional, but FedEx Cross Border requires this field to utilize Rate Shopping and to Generate Shipping Labels
    • To ensure this field is always supplied from Infoplus to Cross Border, use a manifest script that requires the Ship-To, Attn-To field to be filled out. 
  • FedEx Cross Border requires shipments going to the EU to include Tax Identifiers  
    • See the example Manifest Script below that includes required Ship-To/Attn-To fields added as well as a Tax Identifier section included: