File Manager

Use the file manager to attach important files/documents/pdfs to any record in Infoplus.

File Manager makes it easier to keep track of important documents, and it is accessible on all data types throughout Infoplus (including orders, items, quick receipts, ASNs, etc). Add files to special orders, or add a PDF to an item that contains special shipping instructions.

Users can upload one or more files, and attach them to a record within Infoplus. These files can be edited or deleted at any time within the system. The files can be downloaded to your desktop; users can also view the files attached to an order in the Ship Station, and print them as well.

The 'Files' option will be at the top right of many data-type pages within Infoplus. Click on it to open the Files popup. From that popup, you can drag and drop directly onto the 'Viewing X' screens, or click the 'Add Files' button at the top right.

There is no limit to the amount of files you can add, however, the file size limitation is 20mb.