How to Create a Returns Report

Learn how to create a returns report to easily keep track of all your data related to returned items in your warehouse.

When you need to create Return Labels, you can create a report that compiles all the information related to all your returns within a specific time period. This article will walk you through the steps to create a Returns Report so you can keep track of this data. 

You will need to have a Billing Code Type for Returns setup before you create your Smart Filter.

  1. Go to Manage User Reports
  2. Click ‘Create New’ and select Data Report
  3. Create a Smart Filter on the Billing Code table

    Pro Tip:
    If you are a 3PL warehouse, be sure to create a separate filter and report for each LOB in your warehouse. 

    Ex 1: Date: Within the Last 1 Month

    Ex 2: Billing Code Type: RETURN (Return Charge)

  4. Select the Smart Filter you created 
  5. Name your document
  6. Select if you want a Heater Row and/or Footer Row
  7. Hit ‘Save’

Example Report: