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How to Set Up a New eBay Integration with Infoplus

Use this article to set up an new eBay integration with Infoplus

Create Keys Within eBay Developer site

For each eBay Shopping Cart Connection integration, we first need to setup a a User Token from within the eBay Developer site.  To do this, first log into the eBay Developer site (credentials in OnePassword), and select the "User Tokens" link for the Production Application:

Next, click the "Get a Token from eBay via Your Application", to set up the token credentials for this new account.  

Next, click "Add eBay Redirect URL", and fill in the details which are needed to properly redirect the Infoplus user back to their instance after logging in and allowing Infoplus access to their Infoplus information.  The display title is used to determine which of these different "Sign-in Settings" are for whom.  So, if you were setting up a Shopping Cart Connection for "Bobs Blocks", for example, you might fill in "Infoplus - Bob's Blocks" as the display name.  The privacy policy can be the same URL as the corporate site, so https://www.infopluscommerce.com/legal/privacy/.  

Finally, for the "auth accepted URL" and "auth declined URL" values, fill in the values with URLs that follow this pattern:

https://<SUBDOMAIN>.infopluswms.com/infoplus-wms/api/ebay/authorize, so in the case of Bob's Blocks, this would be https://bobsblocks.infopluswms.com/infoplus-wms/api/ebay/authorize 

Once the new token settings have been saved, make sure to copy the value for "RuName (eBay Redirect URL name)", as this will need to be pasted in as the username when the Infoplus Shopping Cart Connection is created for this client in the next steps.

Create A Shopping Cart Connection in Infoplus

Next, create the Shopping Cart Connection within Infoplus for the client that needs to integrate with eBay.   The setup process is the same as other carts, with the exception that for eBay, the username field needs to be set as the RuName value copied in the previous step:

After the record is saved, the Infoplus to eBay connection is not yet complete.  To finish, click the "Click here to connect" link at the top of the record:

(note, you may have to go back to the Infoplus Connect User Tokens page on developers.ebay.com to authorize the eBay connection. Sometimes the "This Shopping Cart Connection has not been connected to eBay" errors out.)

Clicking the link will direct the user to the eBay login page, where they can login with their Seller credentials.  

Once logged in, the next screen asks the user to agree to grant Infoplus access to the client's eBay information.  Click agree, and a redirect back to Infoplus will occur, finalizing the connection between the two systems.  At this point, the Shopping Cart Connection record should be 'green' signifying a successful connection (if not try refreshing the page).