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How to Submit a Support Ticket

Step-by-step instructions for how to submit a support ticket with Infoplus Support.

Submit a New Ticket:  Support Submission Form


Step 1: Access the Infoplus Knowledge Base

Step 2: Navigate to the tile labeled "Connect to Support"

Step 3: Use this link to navigate to the Support Submission Form

Step 4: After you click the link above, you will land on the Ticket Submission Form. 

On this form, after you have filled it out once, it will automatically remember your information to speed up submissions. There are a few things to remember when submitting a new Support Ticket:

  • Use the same email you use to log into your Infoplus application when submitting a new Support Ticket
  • Give us as much detail about your inquiry as possible (eg: related Fulfillment plans, SKUs, emails, order numbers, filter names, etc) The more information we have at the time of ticket submission, the quicker we can get an accurate response to you. 
  • After you submit a ticket, you will receive a confirmation email from the Infoplus Support Bot letting you know the ticket was successfully put in a Support pipeline and what the Ticket Number is. This email will also have Knowledge Base articles related to your specific inquiry so you can get a head start.