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LaserShip Carrier - Set Up and Requirements

Users can request access to the carrier LaserShip. You will need to use a manifest script.

LaserShip is a last-mile delivery service regional carrier, serving the Midwest and Eastern United States. You can request access to use LaserShip with Infoplus by submitting a support ticket

LaserShip requires specific information to be sent to EasyPost when generating parcel labels. If using LaserShip in conjunction with Infoplus, you will need to use a Manifest Script to pass these unique values. The manifest script will pass the required values from Infoplus to EasyPost. These unique required values are: 

  • Pickup minimum datetime
  • Pickup maximum datetime
  • Dropoff maximum datetime

Per LaserShip requirements, these dates must be passed in local time, converted to IOS format. Below is an example script showing how to pass these values. You will want to replace the “setHours” values with your specific pickup minimum, pickup maximum, and dropoff maximum hours.


Please note that if you attempt to ship orders using LaserShip too close to the defined “pickup_min_datetime,” you will receive an error and will be unable to generate parcel labels for those orders.

LaserShip also requires ALL fields on the “From Address” on orders to exactly match the injection address on your LaserShip account. By default, the “From Address” is passed to EasyPost as the Warehouse address that is associated with the order. If you need to change the “From Address” to match your LaserShip account injection address, you will need to pass new values into the “from_address” EasyPost object. Here is an example script showing how to change the “From Address”:


Additionally, LaserShip supports passing other optional fields that define if an item is perishable, contains dry ice, endorsements, alcohol flags, content descriptions, and handling instructions. More information about these fields can be found on EasyPost's LaserShip guide. Here is an example script passing a few of these optional fields.