Limit Records Returned by the Infoplus API

If you want to speed up the API calls in Infoplus, you can create a smart filter to limit how many records the call returns.

There are times when you may wish to speed up the call returned by the Infoplus API. One way to do that is to limit the number of records returned. The best way to limit records returned by an Infoplus API call is to set up a Smart Filter within the Infoplus interface and run a user report through the API. 

Note: At this time, Smart Filters do not run through the API. 

Steps for Creating a Limited Call

  1. Create a Smart Filter in the desired table with the desired column
    • Example: You want to limit items by a set of SKUs. Create a Smart Filter in the Item table and select the values you wish to only return and save the filter.
    • Read more here: Create / Manage Smart Filters
  2. Create a User Report that uses the Smart Filter 
  3. Run your report through the API

Error & Resolutions

Error Resolution
Missing SKUs from API call  Check your Smart Filters that may be limiting the call. Smart Filters are owned on the User level so if a Smart Filter is limiting a call and you cannot see it, verify the Smart Filter name and determine the user ownership.

Some users also have scripts that call User Reports that are controlled by a Smart Filter. Mapping your process will help you determine where the error lies when troubleshooting.