Modern Mobile Floor App: Change Warehouse

If you have multiple warehouses that you work in, you might need to switch warehouses within the mobile floor apps. This article explains how:

If you work with multiple warehouses, you will be prompted to select a Warehouse when you access the Warehouse Apps. At any point, you can change the warehouse you are using.

Change the Warehouse

  1. Access the Change Warehouse App. Two ways, depending on whether you are using a computer/laptop or a mobile unit: 

    From a computer/laptop:
    - From the Dashboard, click the Menu button () in the upper left and select Warehouse Apps.
    - Click Change Warehouse.

    From a mobile unit:
    - Tap Change Warehouse.

    A list of available warehouses will display:

  2. Click/Tap on the desired Warehouse. The selected warehouse will display and you can continue to use the Warehouse Apps as needed.