Next Steps to Learning Infoplus

Find recommended learning and guidance to continuing the setup and implementation of Infoplus for your company.

Once you have completed the first set of steps to Get Started Using Your Live Site, you're ready to take the next steps to truly leverage the power of Infoplus. We're here to help every step of the way, so don't hesitate to use the many or reach out directly to your account representative.
Note: It's best if each of these steps is performed in your Live Site instance and not your Test Site. That said, your Test Site is a place to play and learn as a way to experiment before committing to your Live Site. We'll work with you to make sure you're comfortable with these steps.

Integrate your shopping cart (if necessary)

Connect your chosen Shopping Cart provider (i.e., Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce) with Infoplus. Customers, orders and inventory information will automatically flow back and forth between your Shopping Cart and Infoplus.

See Overview of External Shopping Cart Connections to get started.

Set up your mobile devices to access Infoplus

Infoplus is compatible with Android and Apple products which lets you use phones, tablets and iPads with hand held scanners throughout your facility to run your business. Learn how to download our Infoplus Mobile App and review your options for compatible scanners.

See Compatible Scanners, Mobile Apps and Devices to get started.

Integrate your printers and scales

Within Infoplus, you can automatically print parcel labels to your local printers, and automatically read and input the value displayed on a scale when shipping packages. This  requires installation of Infoplus LocalConnect, an Infoplus Plug-In, and having it running in the background on your shipping computer.

See Overview of Auto Print and Scale Usage to get started.

Set up your SOP’s by Leveraging Building Blocks

Infoplus has powerful tools that allow you to set up and run your own Standard Operating Procedures. To get started, ask yourself, and your team each of the key questions outlined in the article linked below. This will help you figure out what problems you need to solve and how to leverage Infoplus to automate solutions.

See How / Why Building Blocks Are Used to get started.

Set up your scheduled plans

With Scheduled Plans, you can automate the execution of Fulfillment Plans for Orders and Replenishment Plans for Pick Face Locations. Schedule these plans to run automatically on the days and times that you select.

See Create / Manage Scheduled Plans to get started.

Customize your dashboard

The Dashboard is your Infoplus home page. It is where you can quickly view Alerts and navigate to your Favorite Applications, Favorite Records, Favorite Smart Filters, Metrics and recently-used Tags.

See Customize your Dashboard to get started.