Overview of External Shipping Systems

Connect an external shipping system to Infoplus via the API to ship orders outside of Infoplus, but still keep track of the orders' status.

If you use an external shipping system (e.g. ShipStation) to ship orders, you can connect the shipping system with Infoplus. After placing and processing orders in Infoplus, orders are sent to the external shipping system (either manually or automatically during fulfillment). Once you have shipped the orders, shipment information is automatically pulled back into the orders in Infoplus for tracking. 

To set up shipping system integration with ShipStation, see Connect Infoplus to ShipStation and Send/Remove Orders.

For other shipping systems, contact Infoplus Support. They can discuss your shipping needs and answer any questions you have.

For information on selecting External Shipping Systems during fulfillment, see Create a Fulfillment Plan and/or Run Fulfillment.