Overview of Inventory Snapshot

Inventory Snapshot is a table that will allow you to see inventory data on a historical level.

Infoplus has multiple ways to view, organize, and keep track of your inventory. There are three unique Inventory tables within Infoplus, each having unique uses and benefits. This article will introduce each of those Inventory tables, their purpose, and how to use them for your benefit. 

Inventory Tables in Infoplus:

  • Inventory Detail - details on-hand inventory (Location, Lot, Expiration, etc.)
  • Perpetual Inventory Log - details inventory both depleted and on-hand
  • Inventory Snapshot - details historical inventory levels on any day in the past (days end)

To access any of these tables, log in to your Infoplus site and press the period key on your keyboard. This activates the Quick Actions search feature. Type in one of the three table names listed above, and then click on the search result.

You can also go to the homepage of your Infoplus install, click on 'Apps', and then in the Warehouse section, click on 'Inventory Management'. 

Inventory Detail Table

The Inventory Detail Table is one of the most straightforward ways to get information on your inventory. This table houses information about on-hand inventory, such as its location, lot, expiration, quantity, etc. 

Perpetual Inventory Log

The Perpetual Inventory Log is a table that keeps track of both on-hand and depleted inventory. If you stop carrying an item, the inventory you once had will always be stored on this table. This table houses similar information to the Inventory Detail Table, with columns to sort by location, expiration, quantity, warehouse, etc. 

Inventory Snapshot Table

Utilize the Inventory Snapshot Table to efficiently oversee a "snapshot" of your inventory on any given day of your operation. It is important to note that the information displayed in this table is captured once daily and does not reflect real-time inventory movement.

Pro Tip: To see real-time movement, please go to the "Perpetual Inventory Log" table.

For example, below is the Inventory Snapshot Table:

All Inventory Tables in Infoplus function similarly, with the same capabilities to filter, sort, export, customize, etc. 

When is the Inventory Snapshot Calculated Each Day?

Infoplus updated the Inventory Snapshot number each day at approximately 3:00 AM CST. When it updates at this time, it captures data for the day prior.

For example, if the snapshot is captured at 3:00 AM CST on a Tuesday, then the data captured is for Monday plus three hours into Tuesday. So while the snapshot might be taken on a date, it captures data for the date prior.