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Overview of Replenishment

Use the replenishment feature in Infoplus to move inventory from a storage location to a forward location for easy access for pickers.

Replenishment refers to the movement of inventory from upstream product storage locations to downstream pick locations for efficient operations. 

  • Replenishment uses Pick Face Assignments to determine the replenishment location for each SKU. When Creating a Pick Face Assignment, you indicate a Replenishment Point (the quantity at which you want the SKU replenished) and the Maximum Quantity that can be placed into that location.

  • You then create a Replenishment Process to create the work to replenish the items. This process can be created on individual Pick Face Assignments or you can Create a Replenishment Plan to create a replenishment process on a set of Pick Face Assignments (established with a smart filter). 

    NOTE: For further efficiency, you can schedule a Replenishment Plan to run automatically on specific days and times. See Create Scheduled Plans for more information.