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An Overview of Users, Roles, and Profiles

With Infoplus User Management, ensure your users have access to the information they need, and use Roles to streamline permission assignments. 

Users are created in a "User" table. Here's an example:

  • Users: When you create a User, you enter his/her name and email address, and associate a Line of Business and at least one Role. See Create/Edit Users
  • Roles: A Role is a preset group of permissions. For example, you may have an Account Services role with different permissions than a Warehouse Operations role. You can assign more than one role to a user. See Create Roles and View/Edit Role Permissions. 
  • Permissions: If a user should have permissions beyond what a role provides, assign specific permissions to the user. See Edit User Permissions.
  • User Profile: Once created, a user will have a User Profile. The User Profile provides options for setting defaults, such as default User Views, Line of Business, and Warehouse. You can also turn on Auto Print and Scale Settings to streamline shipping. See Edit User Profile