Perform Work Mobile Floor App

From a mobile unit or desktop computer, enter or scan work from a Work Ticket using the Perform Work Mobile Floor App. 

Use the Perform Work Mobile Floor App

  1. Access the Perform Work Mobile Floor App. Two ways:
    1. On a desktop computer: From the Dashboard, click the Mobile Floor Apps tab. Then click Perform Work.
    2. On a mobile unit: Tap Perform Work.
  2. If prompted, select the appropriate Warehouse. You will then be prompted to Scan the Work Ticket.

  3. Scan the barcode from the Work TicketNOTE: You can also type in the ID that appears below the barcode. If typing you will need to press Enter or click Next

  4. The screen that appears after scanning the Work ID will depend upon the type of work you are performing. For example, if performing Put Away work, the next screen will ask you for the "Scan To Location" (the location you are putting items into). If performing Pick work, the next screen will ask you for the "Scan From Location" (the location you are picking items from). Respond to the screens as requested. 

  5. If the work was successfully completed, the last screen will indicate completion. For example, this screen indicates that pick work was completed. 

  6. You can scan another Work Ticket or return to the Dashboard by tapping the  button in the upper left corner and scrolling to Dashboard.