Rate Shopping Fastest and Cheapest Example Script

This is an example of a script you can use in Infoplus to ask Rate Shopping to search for the fastest and/or cheapest shipping options.

Navigate to the script table in Infoplus to add a new script that will automate your rate shopping to always search for the fastest or cheapest option for shipping. 

This script can be used to rate shop a variety of days by changing this parameter:

if (days <= "3")

Make this change underneath the Start Parameter Check portion of the script code. Each day parameter will be its own script. For example, the 3-Day script will be a different script than 1-Day and each script will have its own Rate Shop Carrier like the examples below.

There are a variety of Data Points that can be used within the Rate Shop call:

  • deliveryDays - delivery days returned by the service
  • deliveryDate - date for delivery returned by the service
  • deliveryDateGuaranteed - indicates if delivery window is guaranteed (true) or not (false)
  • chargedRate - how much the package was/would-be actually charged at

Example Script: