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Rerun Shopping Cart Business Transactions

Look up the Business Transaction if you encounter a shopping cart error to re-run the process or get more details about the error.

If a Shopping Cart Error occurs (e.g. an Order could not fulfill because the Carrier in the Shopping Cart is not mapped to an Infoplus carrier), a Business Transaction record will be created which allows you to run the transaction again after fixing the error.

Shopping Cart errors display as Shopping Cart Alerts. These Alerts give detail about the error. You can repost the Business Transaction from the Alert record or the Business Transaction record.

NOTE: To receive Alerts regarding Shopping Cart Errors, Turn on Shopping Cart Alerts

Rerun Business Transactions After Fixing an Error

  1. Access the Alert table. Three ways:
    - If you have enabled a summary of Alerts on the Dashboard, click on the Shopping Cart Alert on the Dashboard. Shopping Cart Alerts will appear in the Alerts table.

    - Click the View All Alerts link from the Dashboard

    - Press the dot on your keyboard and select Alert. All Alerts will appear in the Alert table.

  2. Click on the Alert that you want to review in more detail. Here is a sample Alert record.

  3. Review the Message at the top for details about the error.

     The Business Transaction tab at the bottom provides additional technical information about the error. If helpful, you can display the Queue Name and the Queue Message in the Alert table and you can search by contents of the Queue Name field. The information in this tab is similar to the information you would see if clicking on the Business Transaction Link that appears at the top of the window.
  4. Before rerunning the transaction, fix the error and then return to this record.

  5. Once the error is fixed, select Actions > Repost Business Transaction. The Setup step in the Repost process will appear.

  6. Select whether to Acknowledge Messages. Selecting True will remove any Alerts associated with this Business Transaction from your Dashboard summary of Alerts.

  7. Click Next. The Review step in the Repost process will appear. 

  8. Review the results and click Submit to repost the business transaction. A Confirmation screen will appear.

    If the transaction was successful, the business transaction will post again (e.g., create order, update inventory, etc.) If any other errors occurred, a subsequent Business Transaction will have been created and an Alert will appear on your Infoplus Dashboard (if you have enabled a Dashboard summary of Alerts).