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Run a Report from a Table

Most tables in Infoplus allow you to easily run a report against all the data available on that table by clicking on the Actions button.

How to Run a Report from a Table

Reports allow you to analyze records and print content. For example, run the “Reprint Order Receipts” Report to print order receipts for the selected records.

  1. Access the table containing the records you want to include in the report.
  2. Select the records to include by clicking the checkbox next to each record. 

    You can select all records that are displayed by clicking the checkbox in the upper left corner:

    If the list of records exceeds the page limit (i.e., 20 records), a message will appear at the top indicating that you have only selected the records on this page and a link allows you to select all records. 

  3. Click the Actions button. Only reports available for the active table will display.

  4. Click on the report you want to run. Depending upon the number of steps needed to build the report, you will either be presented with a “download report” button and link, or steps to build the report will display in the top right. For example, a report may have three steps: Setup, Review, and Confirmation.

  5. Perform the necessary steps to run the report, clicking the Next button at the bottom of the window if necessary.
  6. At the final step, download the report or copy the available link.
  7. Click Done to return to the table.