Using a Script to Pull in Customer Tags from Shopify

Use a script to connect Shopify with Infoplus to pull in Customer Tags for orders.

When orders are received from Shopify, these orders and their order tags are automatically imported into Infoplus and converted to match the Infoplus tags format. However, if there are customer-level tags in Shopify, those do not automatically import into Infoplus.  To accomplish this, we have an example script below that runs against orders and does the following:

  1. Pulls the Shopify customer ID out of the extra order data in Infoplus then uses it, along with a Shopify access token, to make an HTTP request to the Shopify API.
  2. Converts the response from Shopify from string to JSON format, then parses out the customer tags from the response.  
  3. Loops through the customer tags, adding each of them as tags to the order in Infoplus. 

Infoplus Support can help with general questions about how scripting works. For help with a specific script or its outputs, you will need to submit a Pro Services request for paid support. Pro Service request form can be found here.

Some further notes about this script:

  • The script should be created with a Script Type of Record and Record Type of Order.
  • This script should only run against orders that came from Shopify. Use a smart filter and trigger to automatically run the script against orders that came from Shopify.
  • Replace "YOUR-SHOPIFY-ACCESS-TOKEN" with a valid API access token from Shopify.  Please contact Infoplus support if you're not sure what your access token is.
  • Replace "YOUR-SHOPIFY-SUBDOMAIN" with the proper subdomain from your Shopify site.  For example, if your shopify site is at, you would use the value "acmeproducts";