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View Alert Details

Use the alert table in Infoplus to view which alerts you have set up. To edit alerts, use the Edit Alert Setting table.

An Alert is an indicator of an automated activity or error that you may need to act upon. Depending upon your Alert Settings, you can see alerts on your Dashboard, in Email, and via other methods; but you can always view them in the Alert table.

NOTE: To edit how you receive alerts, see Edit Alert Settings.

View Alert Details

  1. To view details about an alert, access the Alert table. Three methods:
    1. Click the View All Alerts link from the Dashboard
    2. Press the dot (.) on your keyboard and select Alerts from the drop-down menu.
    3. Click on an Alert on the Dashboard
      1. NOTE: You will only see alerts on your Dashboard if you have enabled a Dashboard summary. See Edit Alert Settings to learn how to enable alerts on the Dashboard.

        The Alerts Table will display:

  2. Click on an Alert record for more information.  

NOTE: You cannot create, edit or delete alerts. This is a read-only table.