How to View Orders

Use the order table to keep track of your active orders and filter the data to understand your business.

The Order table displays all orders for each Line of Business. You can search for orders based on a variety of criteria, and view order details, such as customer, line item, and shipping information.

For information on creating or editing an Order record, see Create / Edit Orders.

Step to View Orders

  1. Access the "Order" table. Two methods:
    From the Dashboard: Click the “Account Management” tab, click the “Order” App, then click the “Order” Table.
    From the Quick Actions shortcut: Press a dot (period) on your keyboard, then select “Order” from the list of Quick Actions.
  2. Search for orders using the column criteria at the top of the table. See Search Within Tables for more information. NOTE: You can also add and remove columns from the table. See Show / Hide Table Columns for more information.
    - Common search criteria to use is Service Type (i.e., Back Order, Next Day, Same Day AM, etc.)  and Status (On Order, Processed, Shipped, Back Order, Unknown). 
  3. To export a list of orders, click the Actions button and select Excel or PDF. See Export Records to Excel or PDF for more information.
  4. To Open an Order, click on the order record. The Viewing Order window appears. 

Review Order Record

Within an order record, you can view customer, line item, and shipping details. Here's a sample portion of an order record:

    • For a description of many of the fields above, see Create/Edit Orders
    • Blue text is a link to a related record (i.e., in the Line Items section, you can click on a SKU to view the item record).
    • At the bottom of the record, tabs of additional information display. Use the More Tabs button to add and remove tabs.

    Actions on Orders

    The Actions button in the top right lists actions you can take on an order, such as run Processes and Reports. 
    • Some processes will only run on Orders in a particular status (i.e., You can only run the "Ship Parcel Order" process on an Order in the status of "Processed").
    • If you want to run a process or report on multiple orders, access the Action menu from the Order table (as opposed to being in an Order record). For example, in the Order table, you can select multiple Orders that you want to Cartonize. See Run a Process from a Table and Run a Report from a Table for more information.