Warehouse App - Location Inquiry

Use the mobile apps to run an inquiry for any location in your warehouse. Enter the location and see info such as available inventory and more.

From a mobile unit or desktop computer, use the Location Inquiry Warehouse App to find details about a location, such as the current and previous inventory, Behavior Type, and the Location's status (Online, Offline).

Use the Location Inquiry Warehouse App

    1. Access the Location Inquiry Warehouse App. Two ways, depending on whether you are using a computer/laptop or a mobile unit: 

      From a computer/laptop:
      - From the Dashboard, click the Menu button () in the upper left and select Warehouse Apps.
      - Click Locations.
      - Click Location Inquiry. 

      From a mobile unit:
      - Tap Locations. 
      - Tap Location Inquiry

    2. If prompted, select the appropriate Warehouse. You will then be prompted to Scan or enter the Location. 

    3. Scan the barcode of the Location you want to look up, or click/tap at the very bottom of the window and type in the Location (the field is NOT case sensitive). Information about the Location will display.

       If typing, press Enter or click/tap Enter after typing. 

      NOTE: Throughout all Warehouse Apps, if there are more than 5 records to display in a section, a "View All" link will appear for you to view all records. 

    4. Wherever you see blue characters (e.g., the TR-RD SKU in the screenshot above), you can click the link to jump to an Inquiry screen for that record. 
      NOTE: The  at the top of the window is like the Back button in a Browser. It will take you back to the previous screen.

    5. Notice the View More link in the "Location Details" section. Click/tap the link for additional information. For example, here are additional Location Details for the 100-021 Location:

      Click Close to close the window. 

  6. To view another Location, simply scan or type in a Location.