What is Fulfillability and How Does it Work in Infoplus

Learn exactly how fulfillability works in Infoplus, what you can do with fulfillability information, and how to use it to your advantage.

Fun Fact: Infoplus is credited with the creation of the word fulfillability, so if you haven’t heard it before, that’s probably why. 

What is Fulfillability? Simply put, fulfillability details whether or not a specific order is currently able to be fulfilled or not. 

Eg: In Infoplus, on the order table, there is a column titled “Fulfillability”. In this column, you will see one of three things for each order: 

  • Partially Fulfillable
  • Not Fulfillable
  • Fulfillable 

What does each of these options mean?

  • Partially Fulfillable - Only part of the order on this line is currently fulfillable, other items in this order are not currently ready for fulfillment
  • Not Fulfillable - None of the items for the order on this line are ready for fulfillment
  • Fulfillable - All items in this order are ready and available for fulfillment 

The fulfillability column is reflecting the order’s fulfillability based on current available inventory within the selected warehouse. The fulfillability status can change as inventory numbers fluctuate. It is important to note that the fulfillability status only reflects the fulfillability for the one particular order, not all orders that might get pulled into a fulfillment plan together. 

An Example: 

Let’s say you have 100 units of Item A in stock.

Scenario 1: 

There are 10 open orders for Item A, each one requesting 10 of Item A, totalling a quantity of 100. 

All of these orders on the order table would show as "Fulfillable" in the Fulfillability column because the available inventory is enough to fulfill all of these orders. 

Scenario 2: 

There are 20 orders open for Item A, each one requesting 10 of Item A, totaling a quantity of 200. 

Even though including all 20 orders, there is not enough available inventory for Item A to fulfill ALL these orders, all 20 of them will show as ‘Fulfillable’ on the orders table in Infoplus. This is because any one of the 20 orders could be fulfilled from the available 100 available inventory for Item A. 

Scenario 2.5

There are 20 open orders for Item A, each one requesting 10 of Item A. (same as above)

Now, let’s say you fulfill and ship 9 of these orders, which means Item A now has 10 available (remember, there were 100 of Item A available).

Now, the remaining 11 open orders will say ‘Fulfillable’ because there are 10 remaining available items. 

This is all to say, if there is enough inventory available to fill the single order line item, then the status will show fulfillable. The fulfillability status does not take into account any other open orders. 

Fulfillability answers the question: is this single order fulfillable based on our current available inventory? 

What is the Fulfillability Details Column?

In addition to the Fulfillability column on the orders table, there is also a column called ‘Fulfillability Details’. If an order is marked as Partially Fulfillable in the Fulfillability column, the Fulfillability Details column details why that order is marked as Partially Fulfillable. For example, the Fulfillability Details column might say something like “this orders is missing x of SKU123”.

How to Use Smart Filters on the Item Table to See Fulfillability

You can set up custom filters and views on any table in Infoplus. You can then save these as a Smart Filter and use them as metrics and reports to keep you informed about important KPIs for your warehouse. 

An Example: Set up a smart filter that shows Items with an open order quantity > 0 and an available quantity <= 0. This filter will output a list of items that they have open demand for but not enough inventory.

This is another way to be aware of how many orders you have vs how much available inventory you have to fulfill open orders. 

Learn more about Smart Filters here.

How to See What Orders Can Currently Get Filled Concurently
Although the Fulfillability column on the orders table only reflects the fulfillability for ONE order at a time, there is a way to see all orders that are currently fulfillable based on your available inventory at one time in one place using the Infoplus Insights Module. 

The Insights Module is an add-on module that leverages machine learning, artificial intelligence, and advanced data mining. Insights is best used to answer two questions: 

  1. Given an order, what other orders are similar to it? 
  2. Given a set of orders, what kind of labor will it take to fulfill them, considering the various production methodologies (i.e., layout by order, pick to cart, mass distribution) used?

For more information on leveraging the power of Infoplus Insights, you can contact our Sales Team or read more about how Insights works here