Working with Tags in the Infoplus API

See an example of how to use Tags in an API call to or from Infoplus.

For more information on Tags in Infoplus, see Create and Manage Tags.

You can work with Tags through the Infoplus API (after version 2.0) using the endpoints described below, which are available for all data types available in the API.  For this example, we'll work on orders - you'll need to replace "order" with whatever data type you want to work with.  Find the data type names listed on our API Reference Site.  

Get the Tags for a Record

GET /beta/order/{orderId}/tag

Returns an array of tag names associated with the order specified by the given id.

Add a Tag to a Record

PUT /beta/order/{orderId}/tag/{tagName}

Creates a new tag, with the given name, associated with the order specified by the given id.  

Delete a Tag from a Record

DELETE /beta/order/{orderId}/tag/{tagName}

Removes the tag with the given name from the order specified by the given ID.

In Infoplus Scripts

In an Infoplus Script, you can also interact with Tags through the infoplus API object that you have access to in the script's context, as shown here: