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    We’re Human — Shaped by Values, Commitments, and Beliefs

    Our vision was clear from day one, so our values have evolved as the vital fabric of who we are. They’re a lens through which all decisions are made, from employee hires to new partnerships to software development.

    Keep customer success as the north star.

    It’s cliché but true: your success is our success. All our efforts should ultimately lead to making you more successful — and we’re incredibly passionate about that. We put in the effort to understand your underlying goals, challenges and much more.

    Strive for continuous improvement.

    We believe in never letting the “best” become a deterrent to the “better” in our journey to level the playing field in fulfillment. We’re always looking for constant, continuous improvement — never a magic bullet.

    Promote positivity and optimism.

    Control, trust, faith – all these things lead to positivity and optimism. Establishing that foundation of a great relationship that’s generally lively and enjoyable is vital to how we build our long-term partnerships.

    Take radical responsibility.

    The goal is to move forward. We can’t do that if we focus on the past, the why, or the blame. We stick to the now, the what next, and the where do we want to be. It’s the best way to cut through drama and stay on top of a partnership.

    Listen to learn.

    It’s our fundamental belief that when you stop trying to be right and have curiosity, you learn in leaps and bounds. We never assume a “right” but instead listen deeply to customers, never interrupting. It’s a “we’re both right — so what’s the right next step?” situation.

    Do what it takes to get results.

    We keep our eyes on the prize and never get stuck in the muck with something that isn’t working because “that was the plan.” Instead, we get creative. We pivot. We’re also not ones to go for easy, small wins — we go for big, hard challenges that actually bring long-term success.

    Our Origins: From the Depths of a Warehouse

    Infoplus was born out of a family of 3PL warehouses in St. Louis, MO. From their tech positions, a group of software developers saw a few key issues:
    • Customers struggled with data and custom reporting
    • They felt trapped between shopper expectations and inadequate (tiny or enormous) warehouse solutions
    • Internally, very few people woke up excited to live their day inside a WMS

    Armed with this insight, the group saw on opportunity to create a WMS software that logistics professionals will get excited about — with 90% of the functionality of enterprise solutions, at 5% of the cost.

    That blossomed into the Infoplus vision, which lives today: "create a WMS software people love to use as much as we love building it.”

    At Infoplus, Fulfillment is a Team Sport

    We firmly believe that our WMS software is only a small portion of our value, ranked below people and culture. So here’s the team of fantastic humans that makes all our wins possible.

    Aykut İbrişim Lead Generation Specialist

    Aykut İbrişim

    Born and raised in Istanbul, St.Louis transplant for 7 years. Passionate about digital marketing and 15+ years in all things digital. Social entrepreneur in tech education, a true believer in human connection. Podcaster and maker.

    Favorite Hobby

    True podcast junkie, started an amateur podcast show and an how-to blog for fun. Now my blog has monthly 40K visitors and 65K+ subscribers to my show. Content is still the King!

    Maureen Johnson Support Agent - Tier 2

    Maureen Johnson

    Homegrown Midwestern Twin Mom with a passion for reading, gaming with husband, and drinking copious amounts of coffee. Lover of software and fixing hard problems.

    Lifetime Girl Scout

    After having been a Girl Scout as a girl, joined as an adult and now lead a troop of five teenage girls.

    The Other Half of the Book Life Podcast

    As a lover of books, created a podcast with best friend to talk about the best topic ever... Books!

    Theresa Mazzola Support Manager & Product Owner

    Theresa Mazzola

    Queen of finding the silver lining. Loves puns, the lowest form of humor. Loves loves loves helping others find greatness. Also loves potatoes.

    Unusual factoid about Theresa

    I studied Musical Theatre in college! Who would have thought I would have wound up working for a SaaS company as the Product Owner/Support just works out the way it is supposed to

    Theresa's loves and dis-loves

    Loves: big family full of loud people, dis-Loves: insincerity, people who are rude to waiters, and pickles

    Carolyn Jackson Digital Content Specialist

    Carolyn Jackson

    As a Digital Content Manager, Carolyn sees herself as a 'Jill of all trades'. With a Masters in Communication from Saint Louis University, Carolyn has almost 4 years of experience working at start-ups and in the tech world. Carolyn's passions lie in communication: finding ways to creatively and effectively deliver messages that make an impact. When she's not at the office, Carolyn enjoys playing pickleball, walking her two Frenchies, and trying new restaurants. Carolyn likes to think of herself as fairly hilarious, but the reality is that most of her jokes are only funny to herself.

    My weird pastime?

    I really enjoy reading menus. I can spend hours on Yelp just looking at pictures of menus and food.

    My favorite TV show?

    RuPaul's Drag Race

    Geoff Murray Software Engineer

    Geoff Murray

    I'm a Software Engineer and have been involved in supply chain/warehouse operations for many years. Interests in addition to making great software include a passion for my family, ice hockey, carpentry, cars, music, and the great outdoors.

    Favorite Sports Team:

    St. Louis Blues

    Favorite Snack:


    Lanie Cox Support Agent - Tier 1

    Lanie Cox

    Self-proclaimed nerd. My innate curiosity, creativity, plus a love of research and learning equals a passion for solving complex problems - and working with software is where I can really flourish! The rest of my brain-power is consumed by gaming, Twenty One Pilots, yoga, art, guitar, anime, science, mental health advocacy, and family.

    A True Faire-y-tale

    In case there were any doubts about my “nerd” status… I got married at the Renaissance Faire! And perhaps the best part? Our wedding cake was dragon-shaped.

    Team Dog or Team Cat? No… Team Rat

    I have 4 pet rats and am a vehement advocate that they are some of the best pets anyone can have. They are sweet, intelligent, and hilarious!

    Jackson Frazier Support Agent - Tier 1

    Jackson Frazier

    I'm a loud introvert, a video game geek, and my lifeblood is comprised of music and anything with curry. I value creativity above all other things in life but I also love communication: understanding how we interpret things, how best to deliver information, how culture and technology play a role in constantly changing the way we communicate. Also, people are cool but animals are way cooler, and Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings films are the greatest movies ever made and I'm not willing to budge even a little bit on that.

    Music is one of my biggest passions!

    I can't survive without music. I like everything but Spotify statistics over the last few years would suggest my favorite artists are Nine Inch Nails, PassCode, Dragonforce, Jimmy Rosenberg, and Benny Goodman. I also play guitar and write for two bands - Ex Hibernis (metal) and Clovis Point (pop-punk metal) and I have my own solo stuff under the name Jackson Frazier as well, all on major streaming platforms.

    Video games are another of my biggest passions!

    I'm an avid gamer with a special I'm an avid gamer with a rabid enthusiasm for games made by Hidetaka Miyazaki, such as Demon's Souls, Bloodborne, Dark Souls, and Sekiro. I even have symbols from the game Demon's Souls tattooed on my right arm and my collection of the different editions of these games is embarrassingly large (but I'm also absurdly proud of it).

    Carter Lowe Sales and Onboarding Integrator

    Carter Lowe

    I was born and raised in a small town in central Illinois and currently reside in St. Louis with my pup, Sosa. I am often referred to as a "Concrete Cowboy" or "Urban Redneck" due to my country upbringing, current living situation and my love for all things technology. I have a degree in CMIS and snagged a job with a 3PL warehousing company directly out of college where I gained the experience and warehousing know-how that I have carried over to Infoplus. I started here at IP when we had two customers and have had a hand in most implementations. I'm not a bragger but I might just be the worlds most premier Infoplus user ;)

    Illini Sports

    I'm an Illini athletics aficionado. Prior to this year my dad and brothers have not missed a home tailgating opportunity.

    Big Family

    I am the youngest of 6 and have 18 nieces and nephews (and counting)

    Joel Wilson Retail SME

    Joel Wilson

    Software excites me! I love learning the ins and outs of every software I come in contact with. Tailoring to customer-specific needs, troubleshooting issues, and solving real-life problems with software specifically. From a young age, I would be called to my great-grandma's house to help her do things on her home pc, that might or might not have been done on purpose to get me to come over :)

    My Biggest Life Goal:

    To get as close as possible to being self-sustaining for necessities.

    Something I Nerd Out On:

    I have an obsession with sneakers; collecting, selling, window shopping, etc.

    Vaneise Pickett Support Agent - Tier 1

    Vaneise Pickett

    Welcome! I've provided customer support assistance for over twenty years in the financial, insurance, retail, and software industries. My previous experiences in these industries have led me to the best company to be part of with Infoplus's inclusiveness, appreciation of each individual's zone of genius, and our company-wide teamwork and dedication to EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System)!

    Naming my vehicles over the years and considering them as part of my family!

    "Most Recent - Silver Chevy Trax name is: Teigen Chrissy Legend - PickettAKA Precious"

    I love barbecuing

    in the Winter

    Ryan Sykora 3PL Sales Representative

    Ryan Sykora

    I was born and raised in Chicago and recently moved to Nashville. My golden retriever, Murphy, 100% approves of the decision. I'm a fairly simple person who travels as often as possible. For some reason, as a natural introvert, I really enjoy putting myself out there and experiencing different cultures, people, and appreciating what the world has to offer. A lot of the travel I do is at random with minimal preparation which has to lead to some very interesting stories and amazing experiences. Outside of traveling I really enjoy spending time with family and friends. I live for the moments that I used to take for granted as a kid and make sure to appreciate the small things. One of my big goals for this year is to be more involved with helping others through charity and volunteering. I want to get better at giving back and making an impact, however small, to those who need it most.

    The craziest thing I've ever done is...

    Rock climbed a 100 ft. cliff on the coast of Northern Ireland never having rock climbed outdoors before. I had to learn 2 minutes before the climb, from a complete stranger, how to secure a proper knot to tie into the harness. I still question the validity of that knot.

    Before I started my career I was a...

    Spartan Coach and Personal Trainer

    Kareem Boctor Product Rollout Manager

    Kareem Boctor

    I love learning - mine, yours, ours. Adult Learning is my passion. I seek to assist others in achieving their goals through learning and personal and professional development. Things that I'm proud of are my contributions to the Onboarding team and the initiatives we are currently taking to improve Knowledge Base.

    Egyptian Born, but St. Louis Raised

    Born in Egypt and living in St. Louis since 1982. I have a unique perspective of both cultures, and I have embraced both as a huge part of my identity. At one point I told my son that I was a 7042-year-old alien, who came here to teach the Egyptians how to be spooky and mysterious, and build the pyramids and stuff. HA

    Family Man

    I have a wonderful family with four kids and is my joy to be around them and our adventures.

    Parth Patel QA Specialist

    Parth Patel

    Hello, I'm Parth. Here at Infoplus, I enjoy troubleshooting issues and testing out the software! I find the most joy when I get to break something and learn how to put it back together. This feeds into my addiction to constantly learning and working on cars and technology.

    I am a citizen of multiple countries. 

    I have three citizenships under my name, United States, Canada, and India. 

    I like jamming out to music, how much you ask? 

    I once turned a supersonic wind tunnel into a speaker. 

    Shauna Debelevich Retail Onboarding Specialist

    Shauna Debelevich

    Hedge Fund Accountant turned WMS Project Manager because I love working with people too much to do just do accounting. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do and my big dream is to see the world! I lived in Dublin, Ireland for a year which was an incredible experience. I am a dog mom to a beautiful, goofy Golden Retriever named Murphy who keeps me active and young at heart. After living in Chicago for most of my life, I finally decided to make the move to Nashville, Tennessee to escape the cold and experience the beauty of the south. I plan to make the most of every day, every breath, every moment, and accept all that life has to offer with open arms!

    Some cool places I've been

    I have traveled to Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Thailand, & Vietnam within the past 3 years!

    Family Stuff

    I have a twin sister!

    Samuel Schafer Business Development Representative

    Samuel Schafer

    I grew up in Central Michigan, the second of four siblings. Undergraduate and graduate degree from Central Michigan University. Background in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Hobbies include playing and watching sports (I'm super competitive). I enjoy traveling and discovering new places and different cultures. Winter sports in the Western US is my favorite thing to do, as a Michigander I love seasonal weather. Winter, spring, summer, fall, all of it. In my free time, I love watching college and professional football. I have my real estate license and love spending hours on Zillow looking at properties. I am an economics nerd and love the Freakonomics podcasts.

    In my free time

    In my free time: I coach Junior High Football and Summer AAU basketball

    I nerd out on

    All things Harry Potter and all thing Star Wars

    Andrea Garrett Support Agent - Tier 1

    Andrea Garrett

    I am a big kid at heart born and raised in St. Louis, MO. I have 10+ years working in the warehousing and fulfillment industry and have a passion for problem-solving. I love spending time outdoors (preferably next to a body of water), traveling, roller coasters, and game nights. I come from a long line of self-proclaimed comedians and try to inject fun and humor into everything I do.

    Fun Fact

    I love to sing karaoke even though I am terrible

    In my free time

    I like to paint and work on DIY projects

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