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    The Benefits of Infoplus Reporting

    Automated Data Directly to Your Inbox

    Take advantage of automated reporting via email subscriptions. Infoplus delivers essential information right to your inbox, complete with interactive HTML reports. Easily download reports to Excel or PDF, streamlining decision-making for both customers and internal teams.

    Data and Pivot Reports Made Easy

    Infoplus offers a variety of reporting options to suit your needs. Data reports provide filtered data, while Pivot reports enable you to summarize, total, and analyze your data effortlessly.

    Pull Data from Anywhere

    Infoplus empowers you to access data from multiple sources, including APIs, tables, and manual inputs. Enjoy the flexibility to choose the most convenient and efficient way to run your reports.

    Effortless Configuration

    No need for SQL or coding expertise. With just a few clicks, anyone can configure reports and data points in Infoplus, making data analysis and reporting accessible to all.

    Personalize with Custom Branding

    Infoplus lets you add a touch of personalization to your automated reporting emails. Showcase your brand with custom logos and brand colors, enhancing your professional image with every communication.

    Your Single Source of Truth

    Infoplus becomes the central hub for all your warehouse data, ensuring a single source of truth. Having all your data in one place eliminates discrepancies, streamlines decision-making, and provides a comprehensive view of your operations. Say goodbye to data silos and embrace data-driven success with Infoplus.

    Uncover the Hidden Gems of Warehouse Data

    Want to dive deeper into the world of data-driven warehousing? Download "The Comprehensive Guide to Warehouse Metrics, KPIs, and Benchmarks" and discover the hidden gems that data can reveal. Learn how to leverage Infoplus reporting to gain valuable insights, optimize workflows, and drive your warehouse towards unparalleled success.

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    Unlock the Potential of Your Warehouse with Infoplus Reporting

    Infoplus reporting is not just about numbers; it's about transforming data into actionable intelligence that drives your warehouse's success. Experience the power of data at your fingertips with our customizable dashboards, easy integration, and quick report setup. Embrace the future of warehousing and harness the true potential of your operations with Infoplus Reporting.