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    November 17, 2016

    Brace Yourself: Black Friday Will Bring on The Digital Sales

    Black Friday is always a huge event for retailers. But the way shoppers approach it is slowly changing, according to research done by Market Track and Qualtrics in August this year and reported by eMarketer.

    The main finding: Shopping online for Black Friday deals is now more “traditional” than hitting up brick-and-mortar stores, as the percentage saying they would shop online surpassed those who said they would shop in-store on that day.

    The report also predicted a 3.3% increase in overall  holiday sales this year compared to the same period last year. (Compare with the numbers from the National Retail Federation, which predicts a gain of 3.6%). Over 10% of those holiday sales will be done digitally.

    We recommend checking out the article and the original report. In the meantime, it’s worth asking: Why are these changes occurring?

    Is it that digital shopping is gaining wider acceptance generally? Or are shoppers getting tired of the “holiday rush” and opting for the comfort and convenience of their own homes? And why are are we seeking the digital surge on Black Friday when “Cyber Monday” deals abound?

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