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January 14, 2019

For Logistics, Mobile Means More than a “Smartphone in Your Pocket”

There’s no doubt that mobile technology is changing how companies do business, especially when it comes to fulfillment and supply chain management. But what many operations leaders are still trying to grasp is the “how” of mobile technology.

How Mobile Technology is Changing Logistics Operations:

As in, how can mobile devices be used to optimize logistics operations? How much of a commitment do they represent? And how, exactly, do they generate a return on investment?

We love how this article, “How a Mobile-Enhanced Supply Chain Can Boost ROI,” addresses these questions. (Hat tip to the Business 2 Community blog for this.)

For example, take mobile’s impact on supply route optimization:

“With new mobile technologies, logistics leaders are able to better optimize routes to take into consideration real-time traffic and weather conditions. Truck fleets once dependent on dedicated GPS devices are now able to leverage an added layer of data and analytics to improve navigation.”

Or this one about field sales:

“With a fully integrated, mobile-enhanced supply chain, field personnel play a more vital role in a company’s success...businesses can track current inventory levels and push sales offers to field personnel in real time, so that the customer is not only receiving personalized service but also special offers instantly. With that value add, the delivery team can supplement the sales team, making the entire supply chain a strategic business advantage.”

We love the strategic thinking behind the coverage of the technology here. It makes us ask ourselves: What are some other ways in which mobile technology is enabling (or could enable) new business practices for supply chain and fulfillment? How is mobile bringing new strategies into the mix?  We’ll noodle on that some more. In the meantime, enjoy the article.

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