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October 27, 2016

U.S. Companies Rethink Automated Fulfillment and Warehouse Management Solutions

It should be obvious, but it bears repeating: Business decisions that made sense a long time ago might not make sense now, and vice versa. Businesses that stay competitive are the ones that make a habit of revisiting their decisions regularly to see if their assumptions still hold.

This is especially important now in the area of fulfillment and warehouse management, where a full-blown Enlightenment is taking place. If one were to Google it, a lot of innovation took place during the period of history known as “The Enlightenment” because people were willing to question their set ways and approach issues critically. Although the historical Enlightenment was some time ago, the logistics and fulfilment industries are beginning to see the same sort of questioning and thinking.

This “logistics enlightenment” is more than just buzzwords like “Big Data” or “supply chain resilience.” Often, it’s small businesses adopting new tools that close the economic advantage gap between them and large enterprise. It’s businesses seeing if their decisions still make sense in light of new technologies and business models.

To illustrate this point, we discuss three use case studies in our new white paper, “Investing in Warehouse Management and Fulfillment: 3 Studies in Scalable Solutions.” You can download it for free (no signup required) and learn:

  • The historical forces that kept manual processes in place, and why they are disappearing
  • The challenges faced by manufacturers and crafters, large and small, when it comes to warehousing and fulfillment
  • Why enterprise solutions still leave a “gap” in the market
  • Areas of technical change that are making fulfillment solutions more cost-effective
  • Side benefits to management in using modern fulfillment technology and methods

…and, of course, you’ll get to see three use cases as well.  

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