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    September 28, 2016

    Your department should care about integrated logistics software.

    Integration allows diverse business systems to share data seamlessly, opening up a number of opportunities for cutting cost, increasing efficiency, and reducing error. But still, integration is usually seen as an issue for IT departments to grapple with.

    That much is known throughout the industry. Rarely do other business functions get involved, much less try to build a business case for systems integration. But that kind of siloed approach just won’t work in today’s logistics and fulfillment landscape. Data integration helps everyone, and the organizations that have figured it out have already gotten an edge.

    To help those other organizations get caught up, we have done some of the hard work already, looking at the business cases for integration from the point of view of several different business functions: business intelligence and forecasting, accounting, shipping, supply chain management, and problem-solving. We recommend that integration be achieved through investment in systems that are already designed to achieve integration seamlessly.  Our research highlights the benefits of modern integration and can help departments of all kinds “sell” the idea to management...and IT.

    Learn Why Your Department Should Care About Integrated Logistics SoftwareDownload White Paper

    This and more can be found in the new white paper, “5 Exciting Ways Software Integration is Revolutionizing Logistics,” where you will learn:

    • Four common practices for software integration (and why three of them are inadequate)
    • Why modern best practices are centering around APIs
    • Ways in which APIs are important for logistics and fulfillment
    • How integrations allows for efficiency and innovation in business intelligence and forecasting, accounting, shipping, supply chain management, and problem-solving
    • New business practices that leverage integration, such as purchasing triggers, real cost of goods calculations, carrier shopping, and more. Download the free white paperDownload White Paper

    For more about specific aspects of integration for your business or warehouse, we recommend that you speak to some of our engineers. The engineers at Infoplus have built a system around APIs specifically geared to achieving the highest level of integration, and they are willing to answer specific questions you may have.

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